Live betting on horse races?

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It is a question that all racegoers arise at one time or another, especially when they are in a series of picks winners pmu. It seems so easy to earn money with a good prognosis pmu, and the results are so fast that it is often possible to lose foot. But the bankroll falls often as fast as it is mounted, especially if bets are not framed by a rigorous financial management. Whatever it is it is something legitimate, and we will try to answer them as honestly as possible.
Win a minimum wage turf, playing a very risky bet
Things too easy generally hide complexity obscured by a recurring cognitive bias: the greed, the fast money. The field of sports betting and horse racing does not escape this rule. Imagine that we have ambitions to live only our earnings and we forecast a monthly salary of 1,500 euros (i.e. barely more than the gross minimum wage). Considering that we will be working all the days of the month and that on average the months are 30 days, we must therefore win every day 50 EUR to achieve our objective. As experienced punters, we know that type of paris the least taxed and less speculative is the winning single bet. Statistics indicate that on average a win single bet reports 9 euros for 1 euro implementation, either an average net gain of 8 euros. Playing 10 euro bets, so we will have gains of80. By playing so 3 horses per day in single winner with updates of 10 euros per horse, we can hope to achieve our objective. Bets can be made on 3 horses of the same race or 3 horses in different races. But of course, will need to always win every day! 100% success in 3 simple winner horses, this is the performance to reach, and racegoers who arrive in France are certainly counted on the fingers of one hand. These are professional bettors.
The professional punters to the turf are very rare.
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Living of his winnings to the turf, it means also that bets are becoming the main source of income, it is therefore also a full-time activity, it becomes a real job. But it is a point that is often overlooked by amateur bettors. Indeed, things change when we bet to eat and only for fun and “put some butter in the spinach”, the pressure is all the same. It is necessary to be strong psychologically. Professional punters are few in the world, and even more rare in France, particularly since the implementation of the regulation via the ARJEL. Indeed, the redistribution of gains rates decreased significantly (because of the protections put in place to avoid the phenomena of addiction to legalized gambling). Analysis that was made previously in a handful of minutes will become working several hours, because the prognosis must be consistently winning. Among punters pros, analysis of races through the analysis of massive data, notetaking constant and regular on the spotted horses on their behaviors, but also and above all by watching many videos of races. Hours riveted to the screen for hulling races, decrypt the language of horses, their strengths, their weaknesses, their potential, understand the coaches strategy, in order to extract any useful information. Every day they remake the races.

And it is a work that occupies the professionals all day, including weekends and days holiday. Suffice to say we really need to reflect on the impact on privacy, because when one wishes to live the turf cannot do things halfway without risking everything to lose.
Semi-Pro, the path of reason.
Although there will always be exceptions to prove that it is possible to live betting, the vast majority of the punters will not only complement a salary or a pension playing the races, with semi-pro status, of passionate winner, and this is probably where we appreciate the best betting, without the stress of lose everything in case of too long draw down.
Never forget, the betting must remain a hobby, a source of distraction, but under no circumstances you should decide to make a career.

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