Never-Winter Evenings, Diamond Edition


Okay, this may be an older game, yet I think that it’s really worth talking about today. If you don’t know just what Never-Winter Nights (NWN) is…What Is NWN? NWN is really a computer game set in a huge middle ages fantasy world of Dungeons along with Dragons. This role-playing activity (RPG) puts you in the centre of an epic story of faith, war, and unfaithfulness. As a player, you are able to select what skills and capabilities you will develop as you journey though the complex and harmful fantasy world of Forgotten Area. Be a deadly and hazardous Rogue moving through the dark areas using stealth and secrecy, be a scholarly Wizard in addition to wield powerful magic towards your enemies, be a hulking Barbarian whose lust with regard to battle is matched only by simply his terrible rage, become an Armour-clad Paladin who also protects the innocent as well as vanquishes his foes, become a crusading Cleric who cures the sick and guards the helpless… be all of this and more.

Never-winter Nights enables you to create your own worlds. This particular revolutionary game will come with the tools needed to construct your personal unique lands of journey. The Never-winter Nights Ionic Tool set allows even beginner users to construct everything from any quiet, misty forest or perhaps a dripping cavern of bad evil, to a king’s courtroom. All the monsters, items, arranged pieces and settings exist for world builders to make use of. But do not stop there; build traps, encounters, custom creatures and magic items to choose a adventure unique. But the Never-winter experience is not just for one person- adventure with all your friends. NWN can be played online having up to 64 friends, just about all sharing in the adventure. It is possible to organize and run your own personal adventures through the role in the Dungeon Master and manage all the monsters, creatures and also characters your friends meet because they journey on their quest. A strong piece of software that is included with NWN, the DM Client, enables nearly unlimited control regarding running your own adventures for the friends.

The award-winning Never-winter Nights (more info)- 2 hit expansion packs, Dark areas of rented (more info) and Hordes of the Under-dark (more info)- Game segments from the developers of Never-winter Nights- Bio-Ware’s Aurora Tool set, for easy mod along with game creation- Never-winter Evenings Kingmaker expansion, including 3 complete Bio-Ware designed activities: Kingmaker, Shadow-Guard, and Witch’s Wake Overmastered (more info)- All patches and up-dates Experience one of the most popular role playing adventures of our time, some sort of journey that has thrilled large numbers. Inhabit dreamlike worlds involving myth and mystery…boundless countries of deadly creatures, bad omens and bold gallantry.

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